EU finance ministers cannot concur deal to tackle company tax avoidance

European Union finance ministers failed to agree brand-new guidelines to counter tax avoidance and have postponed until June a possible deal to clamp down on multinationals schemes to disproportionately decrease tax expenses.

Ryan Battered Within His Own Party for Reluctantly Backing Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) is trapped in a nightmarish scenario of his own making where he must safeguard a presumptive Republican presidential candidate whose racist-tinged remarks are abhorrent to him. However, Ryan is staunchly resisting calls from Mitt Romney and other establishment Republicans.

Why a. 25 rate hike matters to the market: Strategist

As market watchers aim to anticipate when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, there has actually been some argument regarding whether the.25 hike will have a genuine impact on the market.According to Miller Tabak equity strategist Matt Maley, it will not only raise a few of the costs for businesses, it will also have an impact on the supply and need in the stock market.


























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